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You Are Not Amazon Prime Healing Takes More Than 2 Days.

I get a lot of questions as I adjust which makes me happy because it shows that people are invested in their health. One question that occasionally pops up is about the recurrence of old symptoms during correction. This common recurrence is called retracing. What do we mean by retracing? Primarily it implies re-experiencing or the reawakening of old symptoms, including pain, memories and even emotions for more complete healing. Even though these experiences are part of the healing process and thus good for you, they may cause you unnecessary concern if not fully understood.

When a patient is under chiropractic care, it often occurs that he exhibits symptoms that have not manifested themselves for months, or even years. One’s first impression is that they are becoming worse, but they are actually retracing the several stages through which their disease, pain or health concern progressed in the making.

The question of time is essential in the matter of retracing. If a health concern has been in progress for a number of years, the patient should not always expect to regain the normal state within a few days.

As it took time for the condition of the patient to change from health to a maximum degree of abnormality, so it takes time to retrace from the abnormal condition back to health

One of our patients that recently experienced this situation originally came in with low back pain. She had found us at an event we where part of in Orem Utah. In just a few visits she no longer had low back pain but 2 months in she found that her headaches had returned similar to how they had been 2 years previous. The good news is that retracing typically resolves quicker and with in about 2 weeks her body had healed from the old damage and she was headache free.

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