Pillow talk

I get a lot of questions about sleeping, beds, and pillows. This month I wanted to talk a little about it and answer the questions many of you ask. The number one thing about sleep is that we all need it and I think we can all agree we need a little more of it. Unfortunately for many, sleep can be a difficult or painful thing. When it comes to specific recommendations for mattress or pillow brands, I do not have any, I can however tell you what to look for.

In many cases it is as simple as what you find most comfortable. Every person is different and requires different amounts of support. A great example I use is that of my father, when he sleeps, he needs a firm mattress, so he actually places a piece of plywood on his bed to achieve that. If I were to sleep on this plank, I would wake up hurting everywhere, I need soft but if my Dad slept on my bed, he would wake up hurting everywhere.

It is as simple as it sounds; if you want to know what will help you sleep the best it will take some experimentation but find what is most comfortable to you and helps you sleep and stick to it.

Other things to keep in mind is that you should try to use a pillow that keeps your head neutral when sleeping on your side, this will help maintain a better position while sleeping. It is also highly recommended that you sleep with a pillow between your legs to maintain a good position and take stress off your low back.

With this advice I hope you have sweet dreams and get the rest you need.

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