Overcoming your pain.

“There are three kinds of pain, bad pain, severe pain, and stepping on a lego”

Pain is a huge problem in our society; in fact the treatment of chronic pain costs us over 635 billion dollars per year! Every time I injure myself playing a sport I realize the truth of the old saying “you never know what you have until it is gone”. Pain steals our God given right to live life and find joy therein. My wife can attest that the number one fear of a mother is to see her child in pain and be powerless to make it better, yet 37% of our children currently suffer from some type of chronic pain.

In many cases pain is a consequence of the “progress” of our society, children spend there entire day looking down at a phone and parents spend there time at work sitting in a chair. Poor posture and other overuse injury is the major cause of pain but there are many more reasons. Currently the accepted medical approach is to prescribe medication but is that really the best choice? Can a pill address the cause of your pain or is it simply a Band-Aid to cover the symptoms? Addiction to pain medication is at an all time high and people seem to be in more pain then ever before.

At Cadence Chiropractic we are focused on you and addressing the true cause of your pain by treating you naturally without dangerous drugs and surgery. In addition to our treatment we are dedicated to educating you on what you can do to live life to its fullest and cherish every moment with your family. Over the next couple weeks I will explain pain in great detail and provide you with techniques that can help you overcome chronic pain. To receive the greatest benefit from these techniques and not miss a single one please like us on Facebook.

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