Happy Middle Age Man

Middle age is cruel

Today I want to introduce you to one of our great practice members Dawn. Dawn was looking for a chiropractor in Highland so she came in with her husband. Dawn has had a lot of things that have described below in her testimonial so I will let her take it form here.

“I have had constant pain in my jaw and my back and I always feel stressed. I have been to a chiropractor before and knew that it would help but this has been a different experience for me. Within four weeks, just two adjustments, the pain was gone! now I am sleeping much better and I am not as stiff, in fact I can touch my toes again! Dr Nelson is very knowledgeable and open with what he will be doing to fix your problem. The office staff is very helpful with insurance questions and issues. I love Cadence Chiropractic and so appreciate their expertise and help in feeling better. I recommend them to anyone who is in pain or who wants to feel better. Dr Nelson’s philosophy is holistic in nature which I appreciate. He shares his knowledge of the body and the importance of proper alignment to over all health.”

We are proud to be one of the biggest family chiropractors in Highland and the surrounding area. If you or anyone you know has a similar story to Dawn please give us a call!