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Today I want to talk to you more about the good news, your body was designed to be self-healing and self-regulating and even in this time with viruses your body is amazing and was created to be amazing. Today I would like to tell you more about your immune system and how it responds to a virus like COVID-19.

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The immune system is divided into 2 groups passive and active immunity. Passive immunity is the stuff on the outside like skin and other things that keep stuff out of our body. The one I would like to focus on today is the active immunity which is managed by cells inside your body.

The first virus fighting cell that you have in your body is the T cell, the T cell travels around the body and looks for infected cells. Infected cells have a safety mechanism that allows them to send out a red flag and creates a receptor on the surface of the cell. The T cells bind to that receptor and then releases chemicals to kill he cell before the virus has time to replicate and spread. Some viruses have evolved to stop this by preventing the cell from making the red flag receptor, but our amazing body has a backup plan with what is quite possible the coolest named cell in the body, the natural killer cell. The NK cell looks for cells that do not have any markers on them at all and will destroy the cell to stop the spread of a virus.

The second way that the body will fight a virus is inside the cell itself using a chemical called interferon. A virus is basically a protein pack that caries DNA and replicates its DNA inside the cell, interferon will stop the virus DNA from connecting to the healthy cell DNA and thus stop it from replicating.

The final way your body can respond is with antibodies. Antibodies are amazing because they are the things that can give you a long-term immunity to a virus. Antibodies are created by the body once the body recognizes a new virus. Receptors on the outside of the virus that allows it to attach to your cells are copied by the antibodies, this copy essentially becomes a specialized cell that has one job, to kill the virus the second it finds it. The antibodies will only work for the single virus that they are coded for but will circulate in your body for years preventing the virus from infecting you again. Think of chicken pocks after you get it once the body creates antibodies that circulate your blood the rest of your life to stop the virus from ever infecting you again.

It is amazing what your body was designed to do in response to the things around us. Your body was designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. In times like we currently see it is vital that you give your body the best chance to fight back against everything it faces. Keep your hands clean, take your vitamins, get adjusted and do all the things you can to create the best environment in your body for the immune system to have a fighting chance.

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