Allow me to introduce you to another one of our amazing practice members from Pleasant Grove Utah. She has an amazing story that has been on of the highlights of my chiropractic career.

“I have RSD which means I’m in chronic pain 24/7.

I shattered my femur Jan 2017 and that caused the RSD to start.

I was on opioids for 6 months. I was afraid of addiction so I stopped taking the pain meds.

Now, after spending time with Dr Marc I have hope.

I lay on the table and cried because for a few minutes I was at a 0 on the pain scale!

I’m so grateful I found him and Cadence chiropractic clinic.

I have appointments set for 2 of my daughters and my husband.

I have hope again!”

RSD stands for reflex sympathetic disorder, this condition will typically happen after a fracture. RSD is a condition that causes the nervous system to be dramatically overactive. Some of the common symptoms of RSD are extreme pain and sensitivity to touch, local osteoporosis, and frequent muscle contractions.

As we work to balance out the nervous system we see that the body is able to function and heal itself the way it was designed. We have seen healing on multiple levels and we are so happy to see things like this every day.

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