Football is here!

It is hard to belive but the weather is starting to cool and the days are getting shorter, this year seems to have gone by too fast. I dont know how you feel but I for one have a strong desire to consume anything pumpkin flavored! I am a huge fan of sports having been a devision 1 athlete myself and I am proud to call my self a Cougar. For many this marks the end of a long summer spent training and preparing to perform on the court or on the field. My time at BYU both as an athlete and an athletic trainer gave me a unique perspective on how to increase performance from both a health stand point and an athletic stand point. One of the things that I was happy to have access to at BYU was chiropractic. It was really my experince with the BYU chiropractors that started me on this jurney. Chiropractic can be vital for perfromance in many ways including decreased instances of injury, injury rehabilitation, increased muscle strength and output, better mobility and reaction time, and much more. Chiropractic is utalized by all major sports including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the olympics. great athletes of the past such as Jery Rice credit chiropractic and other health lifestyle choices for their carreres. A recent study in Canada found that track atheltes using only chiropractic care for rehabilitation heald faster and with in a few months of returing to the track set personal best times in their perspective events. No matter what sport you play or what your health goals are increaseing the funtion of your nervous system can lead to increased health and performance.

September contest!

September always marks the begining of football season, this month at Cadence Chiropractic we are embracing this time of year and asking you to kick off your health and make the right plays in our game. We will be holding a drawing at the end of the month for a lucky winner to recive 2 tickets to the BYU vs Utah football game. To get an entry into the contest simple choose a play below, the more you do the more chances you get to win!

  • Reffer a friend (2 entries)
  • Write a review (Google, Facebook, & Yelp)
  • Take a picture of you in your teams colors at the office and tag on facebook/instagram
  • Check in on social media

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