Man having Disc Herniation Treatment

Disc herniation

We have had the opportunity to help many people in take control of their health again. One of the things I find most gratifying is the opportunity to help someone avoid more complicated surgeries and procedures.

Many believe that a disc herniation is something that requires surgery… we have seen this many times before and I am happy to say we can help. Ben was one of those people that thought his only option was to get more invasive, this is his story.

“I was looking for the proper treatment for my spine issue, I considered surgery to remove a portion of a disc, or physical therapy, or chiropractic work. I didn’t want to choose the surgery because the long lasting potential harmful conditions after, so I opted to use long-term gain approach. After months of pain, I finally found Cadence Chiropractic. What impressed me the most compared to traditional chiropractic work is the adjusting tool, which seemed better for therapeutic work than twisting and popping where there was already very aggravated nerves and muscles. After a couple months of treatment and therapeutic exercises Dr. Marc recommended, I don’t have the constant pain that I had before, life is being restored. Although I’m not yet back to ideal health, I’m able to be comfortable while sitting and lying down. Also as a side note I had acid reflux for months after a abdominal surgery. After a few adjustments from Dr. Marc, I now haven’t taken or needed any antacids for the last few weeks.”

We love serving American Fork and the surrounding area with specific, gentle chiropractic care. If you live in the area give us a call and see what we can do to help

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