Coronavirus! I wanted to make sure that I share with you a few thoughts on what we can do to make sure that we are healthy and do our part to prevent the spread of not just Coronavirus but other illnesses as well.

First please know that we will remain open and dedicated to serving you and your family to increase health and function. As a healthcare office we have been utilizing everything we can to ensure the safety of you and your family. As we continue to serve you and your care needs please be cautious of potential symptoms and inform Dr Nelson of any concerns you might have so that we can help point you in the proper direction or response.

Second know that Coronavirus is something that we should take specific action toward preventing but should not be the cause of panic. There are many different kinds of coronavirus, other common coronavirus can cause the common cold but also SARS and MERS, this particular strain is known as COVID-19. COVID-19 like other viruses in this family is a respiratory virus meaning it likes to attack the lungs.

The biggest concern about COVID-19 is the spread and infection rate, most coronavirus are spread from animal to human and others such as SARS where easier to diagnose and harder to spread. COVID-19 is concerning since most symptoms are relatively mild unless you are a specific age and has been shown to be easily spread from human to human. More research is needed at this time to understand this virus better because at this time it is a very new illness.

One major concern I have had in regard to this new virus is the population at greatest risk. Like most illnesses this virus appears to have the highest death rate among the elderly and the immune compromised. I have heard some say that they are not concerned about the virus because for the most part it is mild symptoms for young healthier adults and kids. The fact that you might not be in immediate danger does not excuse your responsibility to protect everyone else around you. Please stay alert and know the correct information to protect yourself and all those around you.


Like other respiratory viruses you can have a high fever, cough, and shortness of breath. In most cases you do not experience the common cold symptoms such as runny nose and body aches.

Coronavirus can lead to pneumonia in both lungs which is the major complication associated with this illness and complications with pneumonia is the most common cause of death among the populations at greatest risk.

How it spreads

Close contact with infected people (within 6 feet) and contact with respiratory droplets

How to avoid

Mostly things we already know, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, cover your cough and sneeze, and avoid infected individuals.

If you feel sick

Stay home to avoid spread. From home contact your medical provider, most provide consultations virtually and they can help you determine the next steps. It is important that you do not panic at this time if you have symptoms, calling your medical provider can help them determine the risk factors you have and if it is likely that you have COVID-19. At this time, it is vital that we do not flood our medical system, virtual contact with a medical provider can determine if you need to move forward with testing.


At this time there is no known treatment beyond symptom relief. For most people symptoms are mild and do not require further treatment apart from quarantine to prevent spread.

More information

There is a lot of false information being spread by social media, for more information please refer to reliable information sources such as the Center For Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), or your local health care provider.

Cadence Chiropractic is fully dedicated to providing you with the best chiropractic care available and look forward to continuing this mission while we weather the spread of the coronavirus. If you have any concerns or questions, please ask us. We are dedicated to be a community pillar to prevent the spread of this disease and improve your health.

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