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Acute injury

In life we face a lot of stress and there is always the possibility of injury, whether it be a car accident or a slip and fall. Acute injury is a phrase we use to describe recent injury that is still in the healing process. Typically acute injury is characterized by damage that the body responds to with inflammation and scar tissue to heal the injury and can persist up to 6 weeks after injury.

One of the major things we work on with the adjustment is the formation of scar tissue after injury. When scar tissue starts to lay down it does so in a random pattern. Think of scar tissue like this sentence “feayreiraesslotloyeif” with the correct application of technique we can turn a random pattern into something better “years to life and life to years”.

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Our goal is to use the chiropractic adjustment and other specific techniques to reorganize the scar tissue to be a perfect match of the original tissue such as ligaments and muscles.

The sooner after an injury we can start the better, we have found in the research that if scar tissue is not properly aligned it can lead to chronic pain and permanent disability.

One of the most common examples of acute injury in our practice is car accidents. From the research we have found that the most injuries during an accident occure between 6-12 MPH, even if you do not have major damage to the car at this speed we can see well over 12 G of force transferred to the body. It is important that we start the process of reorganizing scar tissue as soon as possible to prevent long term disability.

If you or a loved one has been injured recently make sure you seek the best help available and give us a call.

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