Shelbe Nelson

Shelbe Nelson is the co-founder of Cadence Chiropractic. She plays an essential role in our members’ health and healing. Shelbe received a teaching degree in math education from Utah State University. She taught high school for 3 years and now uses her education skills to teach how the body heals and how to maintain health.

While Shelbe was pregnant with their son Moab, Shelbe suffered from severe sciatica that affected work and home life. After not finding relief she turned to chiropractic for help. The effect was immediate and she continued care to stay comfortable during her pregnancy. Shelbe has gone to a chiropractor all of her life, but it was during her husband’s medical school experience that she learned about specific, scientific chiropractic care and the difference it made to her health.

Shelbe has a passion for specific, scientific chiropractic care. It’s her goal that everyone adds chiropractic care to their arsenal of health services. She strives to share the message of health and healing from above down inside out.