Why Choose Cadence Chiropractic?

About Cadence Chiropractic

Your Path to Holistic Health and Wellness

​There are three things in life that are most important: faith, family, and your health. Your health can be a complicated matter. Navigating the current medical system can be scary– made worse by skyrocketing health care costs. Dr. Nelson and his wife Shelbe’s experience over the last 10 years gave them the desire to create a safe friendly place that offered low-cost preventative and acute health care solutions for the entire family. At Cadence Chiropractic, our greatest desire is to help individuals remove the stress and interference from their bodies so that they can add life to their years and not just years to their life. 
As a neurologically-based clinic, we use the most advanced technology in the industry to find the true cause of your health problems and correct them at the source. This allows your body to heal the way it was designed to– naturally, from the inside-out.

Dr. Marc Nelson

Dr. Nelson has spent much of his life researching and learning about how the body functions and how to optimize human performance.

Dr. Becky Altman

Dr. Becky Altman is passionate about helping patients reach their optimum health. She earned her undergraduate degree from Luther College.

Dr. Bryant Todd

Dr. Todd, with extensive training in gentle and effective chiropractic techniques, has a lifelong enthusiasm for health and human performance.

Shelbe Nelson

Shelbe Nelson is the co-founder of Cadence Chiropractic. She plays an essential role in our members’ health and healing.

Sammy Buckey

Sammy is the office manager, a registered doula and has a passion for all things health and nutrition.

Meagan Grubbs

Meagan is a chiropractic assistant and curently in school to become a licensed massage therapist.

Hunter Rees

Hunter is an amazing Chiropractic Assistant that is on his way to become a chiropractor himself