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In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing health has become essential. However, health is not an individual pursuit but a family affair. Families working together to maintain their well-being foster a healthier environment.

You need to visit the top chiropractor in American Fork, UT. Get the expert care you deserve from the premier Utah Valley Chiropractor.

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Cadence Chiropractic is serving Utah Valley with specific, gentle chiropractic care. Visit us and see what all the buzz is about and why we are the best American Fork Chiropractor. Our patients have never felt better! That’s because we specialize in neurologically-based chiropractic care.

We understand that true healing comes from addressing the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our chiropractors take the time to listen to your concerns, assess your unique needs, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that considers your physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors.

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Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness through Wholistic Chiropractic Care

Our team of highly trained professionals combines the art and science of chiropractic care with a holistic approach to help you live a pain-free and vibrant life. Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness through Wholistic Chiropractic Care

Male experiencing back pain

Back Pain

Woman with scoliosis seen from behind, wearing white shirt


A woman wearing a white t-shirt, holding her shoulder in discomfort

Knee/Shoulder Pain

A person with arthritis holds their hand, showing signs of chronic pain

Chronic Pain

Image of two cars involved in a car accident.

Car Accident

Woman holding her lower back in pain due to herniated disc

Herniated Disc

A man with knee pain sitting on the beach, holding his knee in discomfort. Sports & Athletes

Sports & Athletes

Woman grimacing in pain, holding head. Suffering from headaches/migraines


Choosing the Right Chiropractor In Utah

Finding the right chiropractor in American Fork, Utah, can make a significant difference in your journey toward improved spinal health.

It’s about more than just relieving pain (although pain relief is excellent) it’s about finding a partner in your health journey who genuinely cares about your well-being. Our first step in serving you is offering a thorough consultation. This is our chance to listen to your concerns, understand your health goals, and determine how we can best support you. We believe that every individual’s needs are unique, and our approach to your care should be just as personalized.

Selecting the right chiropractor for you involves looking for someone who is not only skilled and experienced but also compassionate and responsive. We’re dedicated to providing the best chiropractic care possible, tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you achieve peak health, and we’re committed to being there for you every step of the way. In our practice, we pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for our community. We’re here to guide you, support you, and empower you to live your healthiest life.

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At Cadence Chiropractic, we are focused on serving you as a whole person–not just a symptom.
We will perform a thorough examination that focuses on your body’s function and considers all of your health needs and goals.




One-On-One consultation


comprehensive evaluation

Wellness and Preventative Chiropractic Care

It’s essential to understand that maintaining your health proactively is just as crucial as addressing existing concerns. We believe that the cornerstone of health lies in both wellness and preventative strategies. These approaches are not only about avoiding illness but also about enhancing your overall health, ensuring you can lead a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Our commitment to your health and wellness goes beyond immediate relief from discomfort; it’s about crafting a lifestyle that supports longevity and vitality. By integrating preventative care into your routine, you’re taking a significant step towards safeguarding your well-being, minimizing the risk of chronic conditions, and maintaining your body’s natural balance.

We emphasize the importance of regular check-ups and adjustments, not just as a means to correct alignments but as a proactive measure to maintain your overall health. These preventative measures are vital in helping you achieve and sustain your health and wellness goals. Let’s work together to create a personalized plan that aligns with your unique needs, ensuring you’re not just living but thriving.

Our Promise

Our mission is to create a community of educated individuals who work together to achieve optimal function and performance.  Our goal is to increase the function of every individual in our community so that, as individuals, we may be strong and, together, move mountains!

Our team consists of highly skilled chiropractors with years of experience providing effective chiropractic care. They stay current with the latest advancements in the field and use evidence-based practices to deliver safe and efficient treatments.

We Promise to:

1) Always respect your time, money, and reputation while providing you with the most advanced, evidence-based chiropractic care.

2) Focus on patient education, prevention, and appropriate conservative treatment.

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What to Expect During Your Visit To Our American Fork Office

Upon your first visit to our chiropractic office in American Fork, UT 84003, you’ll be warmly welcomed and guided through a thorough initial consultation. We recognize that seeking chiropractic care can be a significant step in your wellness journey, especially if you’re dealing with persistent back pain, neck pain, or looking for ways to improve your overall health. Our goal is to make sure you feel informed, comfortable, and confident in the care you’re receiving.

During your visit, we’ll conduct a detailed review of your health history and discuss any specific concerns or goals you have. It’s important for us to understand the full picture of your health to provide the most effective chiropractic care tailored to your needs. We’ll also perform a physical examination to assess your spine and posture, identifying any areas that may be contributing to your discomfort or limiting your mobility.

We’re dedicated to offering thorough chiropractic care that goes beyond temporary relief. Our focus is on identifying the root causes of your symptoms and developing a personalized plan that supports your body’s natural healing process. Contact us today, and together we’ll start on this wellness journey, aiming for long-lasting improvements in your health and well-being.

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Your health can be a complicated matter. Navigating the current medical system can be scary– made worse by skyrocketing health care costs. Dr. Nelson and his wife Shelbe’s experience over the last 10 years gave them the desire to create a safe friendly place that offered low-cost preventative and acute health care solutions for the entire family.

A family smiling as they pose for a photo with their newborn baby, Nelson Newborn

Dr. Marc Nelson

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Shelbe Nelson

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Dr. Bryant Todd

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